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One hundred prefilled communion chalices give your church a clean, safe, and traditional way to do communion. This cup is filled with 100% Grape Juice and includes a half-inch-by-half-inch piece of unleavened bread that is tightly sealed to keep it fresh. The chalice makes it easy for both young and old people to hold, open, and use. With the Easy-Open seal, you will think differently about prefilled communion.

Individual servings of communion in a clear plastic chalice. On the top is a serving of Concord Grape juice and on the bottom is an unleavened bread. Both the top and bottom are sealed using our special Silent Seal TM lidding material. This allows the cup to be easily opened by the young and old alike while being extremely quiet to maintain a reverent environment during the observance of communion. Normal shelf life is (180) days if kept in a cool dry place, however, our product can be kept and used for up to a year if frozen.


  • Grape juice from concentrate concord grape juice is a dark
    purple, highly flavorful grape juice. it is produced from mature, unfermented concord grapes by pressing into juice, then clarifying, and detartrating. water and sodium benzoate (food grade preservative) added.
  • Bread is composed of flour, salt, water, vegetable oil.

World Communion Cups, bag of 100

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