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by George W. DeHoff

Twenty-five of the best sermons ever preached anywhere.  Includes The Shepherd Psalm, Why Jesus Wept, What to do with Life's Burdens, Ingratitude, What Crucified Jesus?. The Resurrection of our Lord, To Whom Shall We Go?, Why We Believe in God, The Eternal Word, Faith, Repentance, The Good Confession, The Blood of Christ, Conversion, The New Testament Church, God's Unity Platform, Counterfeiting, The Contribution, Saved by Grace, Why Send for Peter?, Three Chapters on the Plan of Salvation, Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out, Samuel Who Preached from the Grave, What Will it be Like In Heaven?. and Reconciliation.

Paperback, 95 pages


Sermons I Have Preached

SKU: 9781933965161
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