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by George W. DeHoff. 

This volume focuses on the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament.  The prophets belong to the period cataloguing the idolatry and destruction of the Hebrew nation, calls for its repentance, and the partial restoration of a remnant to Jerusalem  The mission of the prophets was to save the nation from idolatry, and to foretell the coming of the Messiah - the man, Jesus Christ, who was a descendant of David and who would establish a kingdom which would never be destroyed - His church.  The great promise of this salvation was held out to the people by the prophets and their message.  Students of the Word will find this commentary easy to understand and difficult prophecies put in Biblical perspective for understanding.  Clear, large, readable type.  Blue, legal style cloth binding stamped in gold and black.  503 pages, hardcover.  9781933965086

DeHoff Commentary Volume 4

SKU: 9781933965086
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