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by George W. DeHoff

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Beloved King James text printed in full in large, clear, type.  No need to be shifting from the commentary to the Bible and back again.  Comprehensive but concise.  Gives a satisfying explanation of every chapter in the Bible.  No wasted words in this commentary.  Scholarly and true to the Bible.  The author has spent 50 years preaching, studying and preparing this commentary.  This commentary will be used - no obscure references to Greek, Hebrew, and languages not now in use; no long discussions of what the "theologians" have said.  This is an effort to learn what God has said.  The maps, charts, outlines and introductions to the books of the Bible add to the usefulness of this commentary.  The ideal commentary for the average person.  It abounds in helps for the minister in making sermons, the teacher in preparing lessons, and for the student seeking to increase in the knowledge of God's Word.  Beautiful and durable quality law book binding. Blue with black and gold engraving.  Every volume is a collector's item.  Hailed as a classic for its accuracy, this commentary preserves the integrity of the Word while enlightening its passages in readable style.  

6 volume set, hardcover


Note: due to differing times of printing current volumes, the binding color of each volume may vary slightly.

DeHoff Commentary 6 Volume Set

SKU: 9781933965116
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